Frequently Asked Questions

RID® Text Reminder Program FAQs

  • How do I sign up for treatment reminders?

    You can sign up for treatment reminders by texting RIDLICE to 877-67.

  • What are the benefits of signing up for SMS (text) treatment reminders?

    In order to support the elimination of lice, RID®, treatment reminders can help ensure that you don’t miss your second lice treatment. By providing convenient reminders of when that second* treatment will be due, you can stay on track with your lice treatment plan.

    In addition to treatment reminders, RID®text support also provides you with useful treatment tips and links to helpful videos to help make the most of your lice elimination with RID®.

    *A second treatment is necessary to kill any newly hatched lice. Learn more about the lice lifecycle.

  • What kinds of text messages will I receive? Are they promotional or advertising text messages?

    When you sign up for treatment reminders, you will receive text messages designed to help remind you when your second treatment is due. This can help keep you on track and ensure that you don’t miss your second* treatment. Additional text messages include information about specific steps in the lice treatment process. You will also receive links to instructional videos to help support your lice elimination efforts. You will not receive any additional messages once the second treatment is complete.

    *Remember, RID® Lice Killing Shampoo is designed to be used on DAY ONE and then again 7 to 10 days later, but not before.

  • What if I want to cancel and/or stop receiving the text messages after I sign up?

    To cancel or unsubscribe from treatment reminders at any time, reply RIDSTOP. You will then be unsubscribed from all text messages relating to RID.

  • Are the reminder texts free?

    Message and data rates may apply.

  • What if I sign up for text reminders before I actually start lice elimination treatment?

    You will be asked to confirm the start date of your lice treatment. By confirming whether your lice treatment started yesterday, today or will start tomorrow, the timing of the text message reminders will be adjusted automatically.