Prevent Lice From Coming Back

Lice shampoo is designed to kill live lice, but unhatched eggs may still produce live lice within 7-10 days. This section outlines how to ensure any newly hatched lice are eliminated and how to best prevent the spread of lice.

Retreat with RID Shampoo

  • It is important to wait 7-10 days after the initial treatment before shampooing again with RID Shampoo.
  • If any eggs were not initially combed out, lice may hatch and can be killed with the second treatment. Newly hatched lice are not mature enough to lay new eggs.
  • If you see eggs or live lice before day 7, you may wish to repeat Step 2: Comb Out Lice & Eggs 
Retreat with RID Shampoo ipad

Inspect Additional Family Members

  • Inspect family members and others who may have been exposed to lice regularly for at least two weeks. If you see eggs or lice, treat them with RID Shampoo and then comb out lice and eggs with the patented RID Lice Comb.

Teach children not to share hats and brushes

  • Head lice are easily spread among children because kids often share hats, brushes and other items. If you or your child has head lice, you can help prevent others from getting it if you teach them to avoid head-to-head contact and not to share hats, hair brushes, helmets or hair accessories.
  • Frequently checking your school-age children for lice may help you recognize lice before they spread to the rest of your family. Learn more about How to Recognize Lice 
  • Avoid prolonged close contact with a person who has lice.
While the FDA has recognized products for the treatment of head lice as safe and effective, it has not approved products for the prevention of head lice.